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8 June 2014

Macodou N'Diaye is the winner of Thailand Open 2014!

7 June 2014

Two remarkable games today. Vladimir Nechaj won against Frits Luteijn with a dirty trick in the opening. The combination was not winning, but Luteijn insisted in playing bad moves.
The position of Shestakova against Harry Kolk was completely lost for the Russian lady, but Kolk made a terrible mistake and lost the game.
Tomorrow Macodou N'Diaye plays against Vladimir Nechaj. A draw is enough for the first place.

6 June 2014

Macodou N'Diaye won again and he has, with only two rounds to play, a very good chance to win the tournament, also because Frits Luteijn could not win against Harry Kolk.

5 June 2014

After 6 rounds Macodou N'Diaye (Senegal) is the leader in Thailand Open 2014. He made minced meat from Russian player Anton Permyakov. Frits Luteyn (Netherlands) played a good classic game against Natalia Shestakova (Russia) and won. Jean-Marc Ndjofang (Cameroon) had only 1 second for 10 moves, but his opponent Vladimir Nechaj agreed with a draw. We think Ndjofang cannot do this in his match against Alexander Georgiev later in this year.


Paul van der Lem took the nicest combination and will get a nice Thailand Open T-shirt tomorrow.

3 June 2014

Natalia Shestakova won against Jean-Marc Ndjofang. The player from Cameroon had only 6 seconds for 2 moves and missed a combination.   

2 June 2014

The two African cracks Jean-Marc Ndjofang and Macodou N'diaye didn't make any mistakes and won their games. Nona Savina defeated Leopold Sekongo in a very interesting game. 

1 June 2014

The tournament started with 60 players. There were no surprising results. Vladimir Nechaj won the prize for the nicest combination. 

30 May 2014

The opening of the tournament is in Jomtien Garden Hotel on 7 o'clock in the evening in the room above the breakfast room, so another room than last year. 

Photo f.l.t.r.: Patrick Casaril (Belgium), Ajith Abeysekera (Sri Lanka), Mathieu Corporaal (sponsor), Nerin Bisseswar (Netherlands), Jordy v.d. Lugt (Netherlands). A special welcome for Ajith Abeysekera. The last player from Sri Lanka who played in international draughts tournament was the famous Don Kandane in the seventies.


28 May 2014

Yesterday Jean-Marc Ndjofang from Cameroon, the nr. 2 draughts player in the world, arrived in Jomtien. He and Macodou Ndiaye from Senegal have the best chances to win Thailand Open 2014!

23 May 2014

In Thailand, the army seized power, but the draughts tournament has no problems.
The airport is free and save and there are no problems with transportation to Jomtien.
At this moment, here is only a curfew from 10 pm to 5 am, but we expect it to be lifted within days.
We guarantee that participation in Thailand Open is 100 percent safe.


9 May 2014

The most notable participant in Thailand Open is probably Alexandria Faith Ng from Singapore (right). According to her coaches, we are dealing with the future women's world champion. She is only six years old and has a lot of talent. Thailand Open is her first international tournament and the world of draughts will probably hear a lot from her.

6 May 2014

There are many debuting countries in Thailand Open 2014:
- Singapore (Jason Yeo and Alexandria Faith Ng)
- Sri Lanka (
Ajith Abeysekera)
- Belgium (Patrick Casaril)
- Italy (Antioco Nurchis)
- Germany (Christian Langer)
- Brazil (André Zabeu)
- Grenada (Jusitne Cleophas Pierre)
- Ethiopia (Epherem Demessie)
- Israel (Shlomo Borohov)
- Kazachstan (Airat Nurgaziyev)

18 March 2014

Message from Mr. Andrew Tjon A Ong, tournament director: "This is what I received today: 500 Magnetic 10x10 Checkers sets for Thailand Open. Especially for the participants of the 10th Thailand Open, and draughtsplayers in Thailand & Laos. You can still register for this anniversary in Thailand: May 30 to June 8, 2014."


27 October 2013

Colson Kamara from Uganda, who participated in Thailand Open a few years ago, wrote on Facebook:  "Thailand open will forever remain in my Heart and will always be part of me. No matter how long it will take me to play in this GREAT FAMILY, WONDERFUL FRIENDS and WONDERFUL GAME, I will be back. I miss Thailand open."

24 June 2013

2014 is a special year for Thailand Open, because we organize this tournament for the 10th time. It started in 2005 with a small tournament in Restaurant Our Mother (Ons Moeder), with 26 participants. The last two years, however, the large dining room of Jomtien Garden Hotel was almost too small by the presence of about 70 participants. Nonetheless, we seek to welcome 100 participants this year.

Thailand Open is a tournament for strong and weak players. You don't need to have an international rating to participate. However, you have a chance to compete with the strongest players in the world. In recent years we have had the world champions Alexei Tsjizjov, Alexander Schwarzman and Slawa Tsjecholev as participants. And in addition, the African champions Jean-Marc Ndjofang and Macodou N'Diaye but also the Dutch champion Ron Heusdens.
Both top players and weak players increasingly perceived Thailand Open as a great experience.
If you want to join, email for information and registration. Follow the new developments of the tournament on this website.



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